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Ekene Ozoilo

Ekene Ozoilo

Founder, CWA Digitals


Dear Friend, If you want to exponentially grow your revenues in the fastest time possible, this is the most important letter you’ll ever read. Here’s Why, Over the past two years, my company has spent more than $10, 000 (₦4, 600, 000) on internet advertising – and as a result, we’ve made an amazing discovery that is consistently growing profits by 1500% … across more than 5 different industries.

Here is How It Works

When you spend $10, 000 (₦4, 600, 000) on traffic, you’re going to get a LOT of traffic. (It got us well over 1 million visitors.) But the traffic isn’t the big discovery. The big discovery is how we ultimately cracked the code on turning complete strangers into money… over and over again.

A/B Split Test that Reveals the Turn-Key Solution

In the past 24 months, we’ve performed more than 57 split tests across 5 different industries… and they all boiled down to one thing. We found – that no matter what you’re selling, there’s pretty much a “universal formula” that can dependably turn complete strangers into paying customers like clockwork. In fact, after performing over 57 split tests, and analyzing over three thousand emails sent to our customers and subscribers, we’ve been able to Uncover a Simple Five-Step Process That generates More Revenue

And Now I’m Willing To Hand You This Exact Process

I’ll tell you why I’m doing this in a minute, but first – let me take it one step further for you.

Not only and I going to give you the exact blueprint we use for free, I’m also going to help you come up with a custom plan to apply what you learn to your business.

Think about that. You’re literally getting a custom tailored plan on how to apply this incredible process to your specific business… free.

Here’s What This Had Done For My Business. What Can it Do For Yours?

In case we haven’t met, my name is Ekene Ozoilo and I’m the Founder and CEO of CWA Digital Services.

If you’re in business and you use the internet to attract customers, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen our company.

Every month, we hold a saless Multiplier Bootcamp for Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to create a digital selling system and lie wise hold a Digital marketing, copywriting and ales closing masterclass trainings in Lagos. We’ve trained over 500 people in Digital marketing who are using the power of the Internet to drive sales for their employers and businesses.

We’ve worked with companies and organizations, many of whom are extracts from the real estate, fashion, education, and health industries. Not to mention, and countless other businesses across the globe.

In fact, over 10, 000 (and counting) entrepreneurs and businesses look to us every week for sales and marketing advice to help them do one thing: GROW PROFITS

But A Few Years Ago, It was Different.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not one of those “instant success” stories you might read about in magazine or whatever.

The fact is, I bootstrapped this company and it wasn’t always easy.

We started on a shoestring budget… and for the first few years, it was pretty lean.

Like so many other businesses, we invested a small fortune in our company and worked like dogs… often sleeping at the office, missing food, and essentially working around the clock.

And like so many other Nigerian businesses, we hit our share of roadblocks. In fact, for the first few years, our growth was flat.

But that was until we discovered a process that turned it all around.

The Investment That Made ₦25,507,000 Per Month… And Counting!

And the best part is, it’s growing by 10 – 20% per month!

I’ll tell you how we did it in a minute, but you need to see the big picture first.

We’ve deployed this same formula over and over again, to Real Estate companies, insurance companies, Banks, ICT companies, fashion companies and countless others, and the result is…

We’ve generated over ₦310,387,000 cumulative sales for companies


And we are still doing it, it’s been the same thing every time:

  1. We discover a business that needs our help, or is just plain stuck
  2. We’d apply this formula to its marketing and sales process
  3. The revenue would skyrocket.

So by now you’re probably wondering…

If This Formula Is So Great, Why Are You Giving It To Me For FREE?

Fair enough. I’ll be straightforward and tell you that my intentions are largely self serving.

See, this formula is simple, it’s efficient, and it’s brutally effective.

We’ve seen it create a 300% increase in revenues in a matter of days.

And I’m sure that once you get it, you’ll want to deploy it in your business immediately.

And when that happens, you’ll basically have two choices:

  1. You can do it yourself.

You can architect the perfect system based on the five components of the formula, you can write the ads, you create the marketing materials, and you can perfect the sales conversion.

Then you can build your own opt-in pages, craft your own follow up messages, configure you own shopping cart, program your own upsell funnel, and do all the other “tech stuff” associated with actually deploying a system like the one I’ll be giving you.

And if you decide to do that, great. I wish you the best of luck. I assure you it’s worth effort and time you’ll invest!

2. But your other choice is to get my team and me to do it FOR you

If you choose to do that, I’ll help you target the right audience that buy, I’ll help you create the perfect “sales angles”, I’ll help you craft the ultimate “lead magnet”, and we’ll hone your main pitch so that it’s a cash cow that works for you 24/7.

Then we’ll create a powerful follow up sequence that turns leads into customers.

And we’ll create another one that turns customers into repeat buyers… and finally, we’ll hand you a perfectly detailed “sales script” so you can turn it over to your sales team and let them convert all your remaining doubtful prospects into customers.

Because let’s face it. The money is in marketing and selling your product

And if you choose to have us do it for you, it’s reasonably priced.

Depending on how complex you want everything to be, you can walk away with a turn-key, automated sales marketing system for anywhere ₦5, 000, 000 to ₦15, 000, 000

And with that said, let me address something you’re probably wondering about…

This is NOT a Sales Pitch in Disguise!

Look. If you want my team to design everything for you, we’d be happy to. But if you don’t, no problem.

You won’t be pressured, hassled, or cajoled into it.

This isn’t some “bait and switch” thing where you’re stuck trying to get rid off some aggressive sales person who won’t stop calling you and won’t leave you alone.


You’re Getting A Complete Customized Breakdown of Our Proprietary System…Specifically Tailored To Your Business!

You’ll discover all five groundbreaking steps that literally helped us generate over ₦310,387,000 sales for companies including ours over the past five years.

If you simply apply a fraction of what we give you to your business, I promise you’ll see amazing results.

But I’ll take it one step further…

If you Think Your Time Was Wasted, Let Me Know And I’ll IMMEDIATELY Give You 15, 000.00 As Compensation

Seriously – there’s no way this formula shouldn’t work for you, and that’s why I’m so confident that if you qualify, I’LL PAY YOU 15, 000 if you think you wasted your time in finding out about it.

So think about it this way:

The worst that can happen is you get paid ₦15, 000 for “wasting” around 30 minutes learning about a formulaic process that’s responsible for generating over ₦310,387,000 sales across 5 different industries.

But the best that can happen is you decide to implement and deploy the process in your own business… and see exponential growth as a direct result.

Either way, you’re coming out on top so it’s literally impossible to go wrong



This is NOT For Everyone. Here’s Who I CAN Help:

In order for me to grant you access to my proprietary process and allow my team to spend time with you, you’re going to need to meet some strict (but reasonable) criteria.

Here it is:

1. You have to have a solid business already.

This offer is for people who are up and running already and simply want to run a lot faster and a lot farther.

If you’re brand new, don’t have a business, and don’t have a product or an idea, then this is not for you.

2.You must have a good, solid product/service and a good reputation.

Everything we do together will not only be bringing you more clients, sales, and profits, but we’ll be doing it in a way that creates MASSIVE goodwill in your market.

And in order for us to do that, you need to have your act together.

In other words, you need to be legit.

3. You have a strong yearly revenue base

Your business should ideally turning over $100,000 (₦36, 000, 000)+ already


4. You MUST be open to new ideas

After all, if you don’t actually implement the stuff I give you, you’re not likely to make any money, and what’s the point of that (especially if what you’re doing isn’t currently working)

5. You have a Team

You will ideally have staff. Sales people, assistants and whatnot – or at least be able to handle an increase in sales and clients yourself.

That’s it! Those are my requirements.

Here’s What I want You To Do Next

If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to one of my company division managers personally about getting you incredible results, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Here’s how the process works:

First, you’ll need to fill in an application. Don’t worry, it’s simple and unobtrusive. I just need to know what you’re selling, get an idea of what you want to accomplish, and so forth.

Here’s What Will Happen After That.

Once I have received your application, You will receive a call from my office to set up a time for us to talk.

They will be contacting you in about 48 business hours at the most to get you on the schedule.

Your initial call will be between 30 – 60 minutes and it’s with one of my division managers Emmanuel Oyebola, and Tella Aminat. They work directly with me to literally run my entire Agency Company.

(NOTE: You will NOT be speaking to some random “sales rep” on some outsourced “sales floor” somewhere. I’m giving you access to the same VPs on my payroll that I personally depend on to grow my business. There are only TWO people in my entire organization who are qualified to help you with this, by the way.)

We’ll painstakingly review your goals, your offers, and so forth… and we’ll deliver a custom plan to grow your revenues…based on the exact same process that’s generating 310,387,000 sales and more.

And if you want to outsource all the grunt work to us and have us implement and deploy everything for you, great! We can talk about it.

And if you don’t want to do that, – that’s OK too.

So you literally can’t lose.

Warning: Time is a Factor

This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results. Therefore, it is physically impossible for us to work with more than just 3 companies at a time.

Also, you should realize there’s a very large demand for this type of performance marketing and what I’m offering is unprecedented. So with that said, know that the window of opportunity won’t be open long. So go ahead and apply now!

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, leave your application and let’s talk.

Talk Soon,

Ekene Ozoilo

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