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Finally, you have found the ONLY Comprehensive and Practical Digital Marketing Training Course delivered by the best in the business and our globally experienced industry coaches are dedicated to give you personalised support, coaching and mentoring that ensures you are geared to achieve real business and career success.

Earn International Certification to work and make money from anywhere in the world with just a laptop and internet connection with our comprehensive online training on digital marketing.

Get access to a bundle of amazing digital marketing courses with personalised support and bonuses worth over 3,450,000.00, and earn a Global Certification but you won’t pay anywhere near that, you will be getting great value at the best market price with us that you would not find anywhere else.

⚠️ THIS IS NOT A MARKETING GIMMICK: Because of the high level of personalised support we provide for our students we only take a limited number of students per cohort hence it is important you secure your spot in this cohort before we sell out of all programs. This is because we are increasing the tuition after this cohort. The choice is yours - procrastinate and pay more or secure your space today and save a lot of time and money.

Professional Program

Perfect for you if you want to learn practically with daily group support sessions to achieve your results.

This is a 2-month physical or online program to start and grow a business online or secure a job anywhere in the world with 6 months of online course access plus group mentoring.

TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE = 2,550,000.00

Tuition Fees:

Full Payment Plan

₦150,000 (~$149)

You will save an extra ₦50,000 by paying full.

2-Instalment Plan



₦100,000 upfront payment now and ₦100,000 balance payment second month.

Advanced Program

Perfect for you if you want to learn practically with personalized 1-to-1 support to speed up your results.

This is a 2-month physical or online program to start and grow a business online or secure a job anywhere in the world with 12 months of online course access plus one-on-one coaching session.


Tuition Fees:

Full Payment Plan



You will save an extra ₦70,000 by paying full.

2-Instalment Plan



₦160,000 upfront payment now and ₦160,000 balance payment second month.

Corporate Training Program

Perfect for a company that wants to train its team practically with daily coaching sessions to achieve results.

This is a 6-month program aimed at building required Digital Marketing skills in the company’s marketing staff. 4 weeks of physical practical learning, 4 months of online practical learning with 1-on-1 mentoring and 1 month of business success challenge with group mentoring.

TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE = ₦4,550,000.00 

Tuition Fees:

Normally ₦800,000



You save 400,000 (50% Off)*
Upto 2 Months Payment Plan Available

Prefer to Make a Bank Transfer? Pay to GTBank PLC, CWA Digital Services Limited, 0670557708 After Payment email with proof of payment. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, we are here to help.

*If you have any questions or need help choosing your preferred program or need help making payment, call or email us. We’re happy to help you make the right decision. Call or WhatsApp 📞 +234 703 428 1997+234 805 389 6035 or Email 📧

** 2 months is the average time to complete this course with our support and mentoring structures however, you have 4 additional months to enjoy our regular course updates and our support and mentoring structures. You can always renew if you want continuous access.⁣⁣

**“You’re Fully Covered” Guarantee: 100% Risk-Free – If you implement what we teach you, do all our course assignments, execute our 90 Day success challenge and use the resources and support we provide you consistently for 3 months immediately after the course, you will get some level of success or we will give you a full refund no questions asked. T & C Applied. ⁣⁣

***[Straight-Talk Alert]: If you are not ready to implement and take action with what you will learn, do not sign up as there will be no refund unless you take action and yet do not see results. However, results will vary depending on the individual’s efforts. The effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. By making payment you agree to our training terms and conditions.


We have bundled all you need to succeed however, If you bought all of what you will learn and get in our digital marketing course separately, the total actual cost would be a minimum of ₦4,550,500.00. But you won’t pay anywhere near that, you will be getting this bundle at the best market price with us – you will save over 95.6% off. Keep reading for the payment options.

  1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals, Customer Avatar and Sales Funnel Course

This is where you’ll learn how to spy on your competitors to know what is working for them, define who exactly your customers are. You will understand how to attract, convert and engage strangers to become paying customers.

Actual Cost: ₦50,000 (~$140)  INCLUDED IN ALL PROGRAM

2. Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning Course

We will teach you the complexities of planning, buying and executing a growth marketing campaign that goes viral by integrating traditional marketing with all digital activities. How to integrate traditional marketing to digital marketing.

Actual Cost: ₦75,000 (~$210) INCLUDED IN ALL PROGRAM

3. WordPress Website and eCommerce Development Course

It is a 98.9% hands-on practical training that teaches you step by step on how to build and manage a websites using WordPress. You will also learn how to build eCommerce, Blog, Forum and Directory.

Actual Cost: ₦75,000 (~$210) INCLUDED IN ALL PROGRAM

4. Lead Generation, Email Marketing and Automation Course

You will learn how to effective generate leads, convert the leads through effective email marketing techniques. You will also learn how to effectively carry out Email marketing, architect the perfect promotional calendar and how to use automated email marketing to Literally “sell while you sleep”, as email marketing remains the highest performing digital tactic for building awareness, boosting acquisition and increasing conversion.

Actual Cost: ₦75,000 (~$210) INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM

5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Blogging and Content Marketing Course

We will equip you with the core understanding, technical know-how and insight to build and implement an SEO strategy that dramatically improves any website position and ranking articles on your blog with the most popular search engines. How to come up with content marketing strategy that will attract, convert and engage your customers.

Actual Cost: ₦75,000 (~$210) INCLUDED IN ALL PROGRAM

6. Online PPC Advertising – Google Search and Display Ad, YouTube Ads Course

We will give you essential skills to plan, run and manage an effective online advertising, traffic and awareness campaign.You will learn how to effectively target and re-target ready to buy customers to achieve demonstrable ROI. This includes Google Ads, Artificial Intelligence Ads, Pay per Click, Native Ads, Programmatic and Retargeting.

Actual Cost: ₦75,000 (~$210) INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM

7. Social Media Management and Analytics Course

We will give you the knowledge to plan and manage your communications and marketing through rapidly emerging and influential social networks.You will learn how to use various tools to manage, measure and optimise your social media channels.

Actual Cost: ₦50,000 (~$140) INCLUDED IN ALL PROGRAM

8. Social Media Advertising Course

You will learn how to plan, run and manage an effective social media advertising campaign using Facebook and Instagram Ad, YouTube Ads, Gmail Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. How to use Artificial Intelligence to effectively target your ideal customers.

Actual Cost: ₦75,000 (~$210) INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM

9. Professional Graphic Design Using Canva Course

We know that it can be frustrating and time consuming to create graphics for your business, social media and so on. You can spend hours or even days trying to find the right design. Outsourcing the work can be an even bigger challenge just to find the right vendor to do what you need done, and expensive! That’s why this module is part of this course – to teach people just like you how to easily get started with Canva. You will learn the basic and advanced skills that you will need to design awesome graphics for social media posts, banners, logo, flyers, brochure and so on with the popular design tool, Canva.

Actual Cost: ₦50,000 (~$140) INCLUDED IN ALL PROGRAM

10. How To Build A Successful Digital Marketing Agency and Freelance Business Course

We will train you step-by-step and walks you through how to build a successful digital marketing agency more quickly. We will give you template proposals and agency/freelance operating procedures.

Actual Cost: ₦75,000 (~$210) INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM

11. Copywriting Course

In the modern world, knowing how to write an effective copy that makes the customer to pull out their wallet to buy is gold. Be it emails, sales copy or landing pages, the skill of copywriting is instrumental to any business success and growth.

Actual Cost: ₦50,000 (~$140) INCLUDED IN ALL PROGRAM

12. Instagram Sales Mastery Course

Looking to learn how to maximise Instagram as a Platform? This course provides you the right step by process to how you can maximise the use of Instagram to grow your business and expand your network.

Actual Cost: ₦75,000 (~$210) INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM





✔️ YES, I understand that it’s my responsibility to follow through with executing what I will learn in this course. By investing in this course, I promise to put forth my best possible effort and commitment to starting and finishing the entire course, engaging in the private community, asking for support when I need and ultimately implementing what I learn. I also acknowledge that I have basic computer skills.


Step 1. Make payment to secure your space:

Account for Professional Program: Guaranty Trust Bank /CWA Digital Services Limited, 0670557708.

Step 2. Email us “” to notify us of payment with Name, Phone Number and the program you paid for.

Step 3. We will send you confirmation and login details access our online training platform to start learning immediately.

Note: A failure to pay an instalment for any program may result in the suspension or termination of your access to our Programs, Products and Services.

If you have questions about pricing, flexible payment, scholarships, financing options, or just general inquiries about how our course works – Call 📞 0703428199708053896035. We are happy to assist you!

By making payment you agree to our training terms and conditions.*


“You’re Fully Covered” Guarantee: 100% Risk Free

We know you’re skeptical because there are so many horrible companies and experts out there who over-promise and under-deliver. But we hope you can see that we come from a place of wanting to help you, and wanting to challenge ourselves to ensure you succeed.

The only way to truly fail when you are committed to implementing is to lack the right resources, get stuck and give up, so we’re here to give you the resources and support you need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

We are making a difference in our students life, career and business.

So to help you see that our course is legitimately better, we’d like to make you this deal…

We open the digital marketing opportunities door, but you must enter by yourself

We (or anyone else for that matter) can only do so much for you. We can only teach you how to be successful in your business or career using digital marketing, but you have to be willing to put in the time and effort.

If you don’t have the drive to be successful and you are not intentional in implementing what you will learn in our digital marketing course, you aren’t going to stand a chance to succeed.

The case study, success stories, testimonials and other examples of our students are exceptional, non-typical results, these are our students that put in deliberate efforts and have been intentional and consistent in implementing what they learnt from the course.


Yes, we can offer you a payment plan so that you can pay this off over time.

And if you can’t afford a payment plan, I think you would agree that you need this program more than anyone. In fact, some of our most successful students have had their back against the wall financially when they started.

So I want you to eliminate the thought “I can’t afford this” and instead replace it with “How can I afford this”

You need to get creative and think of how you can find the money. You can be sponsored by your employer, parents, friends, family or even raise money through other means. Don’t just use that excuse, get creative and start thinking of ways that you can make this work. You can take advantage of our flexible payment as well.

Employer Sponsorship

Download PDF and use to convince your employer to sponsor you.

Relative Sponsorship

Download PDF and use to convince your parent, relative or friend to sponsor you.

Now isn’t a good time for me. When will you do this training again?

The real question is “How long have you said you want to increase sales or get a better paying job or even make more money to live a better and quality life?” or “How important is it to you to increase sales or get a better paying job or even make more money to live a better and quality life?”

If now “isn’t a good time to accelerate your business or career with digital marketing,” understand one thing: it’s NEVER going to feel like the right time.

Do not fear failure, but please be terrified of regret of tomorrow because you refuse to take action today for a better tomorrow. At a certain point, you have to stop waiting and make things happen for yourself.

Now to answer your question, we do not know when we will do this training again, but if we do it again in a few month we will most likely raise the price.

If you want to accelerate your business or career with digital marketing, the best time to get started is today.

Not joining the course today is actually costing you more money than you think

Aside from the fact that if you delay joining you will probably pay higher for the next course, you would, however, be delaying yourself from achieving success.

For example, if you are to get a job today that pays you ₦150,000 as a direct result of attending our course then each month that you do not take this course, you lose an extra ₦150,000.

If you don’t join the course in 6 months then you have lost ₦900,000 from your earning potentials. So the more you wait, the more you keep losing money and paying more money to attend the course, it is that simple.

If you are planning to take our course to start or scale a business growth then you probably would be losing a lot more money from your earning potentials from this course.

Your numbers may be higher or lower than the above example. That’s fine. What’s important is that you identify the true opportunity and the cost of not joining this course.

You're one step away from changing your life

Registration is closing soon. If you’re ready to invest in yourself and start achieving success, don’t wait for “someday.” Don’t wait for the magic day when you suddenly have time because that’s likely not going to happen unless you deliberately set aside time.

You have the proof that our digital marketing course works. You have seen results from people just like you around the world.

If not now, then when? If not this course, then is there anything that will really change your mind?

The decision is up to you.

Be like Yetunde, an ex-banker who after attending our digital marketing course now offers Digital Marketing Services that is making her more money than she earned while working in the bank. Get the strategies, resources and support she used inside our digital marketing course.

As always, a year from now, you’re going to be a year older. Would you have started and scaled a business or career that PAYS YOU to live the life of your dreams? It would be a shame to stay stagnant and let our dreams and goals pass you by for another month or year – it is time for you to decide.


Our Digital Marketing Course has been proven to get results in a wide variety of different markets, countries…. even if you’re starting from scratch with no prior knowledge..


Learn Digital Marketing practically from anywhere in the world through our interactive online platform with Personalised Support from Industry Experts and Daily Live Question and Answer Video Call Session. You will have real world projects to implement practically what you have learnt and get expert feedback and support from our team of dedicated coaches.

Most high-quality training classes require air fare, conference fees, out of office hours, and hotel bills. But this course is 100% online and practical, so you can have access to our training and support on any computer or mobile device with internet connection, anywhere in the world, anytime you want. Isn’t this convenient?

Save yourself long hours in heavy road traffic and learn with expert instruction, learning resources, and personalised support structures from the comfort of your home or office or anywhere in the world. Avoid long lectures that get you overwhelmed and learn at your own pace and based on your own level of understanding.

Why should you attend this course?

Today, every company now understands the need to market digitally. Companies are forced to navigate dozens of different digital marketing channels to both acquire and communicate with new customers and existing customers.

Needless to say companies that want to stay ahead of their competitors need to acquire digital marketing skills…This also translate into huge job and career opportunities for certified digital marketers.

Digital Marketing is projected to be one of the fastest growing sector for job opportunities! Above all, people who enter the digital marketing field are virtually guaranteed excellent job security.

Marketing is the lifeblood of every company however, marketing has gone digital. Hence why a wide variety of companies are looking for the top 1% digital marketers to hire with enhanced salary growth.

Businesses are forced to navigate dozens of different channels to both acquire and communicate with new customers and existing customers, and needless to say…


…they can’t do it alone.

That's where YOU come in...

When you learn digital marketing with us, you will learn digital marketing skills that companies do not have and can’t do hence why they will want to hire you to do it for them either as a full time employee, freelancer or as an agency owner.

Today, companies need skilled marketing professionals who are able to:

★ Leverage new media channels such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube to acquire new customers and clients…

★ Architect “conversion funnels” that seamlessly and subtly convert strangers into leads, leads into customers and customers into raving fans…

★ Establish a “value first” content marketing strategy that enhances brand authority and generates free, organic traffic…

★ Build and monetize large email subscriber lists…without resorting to spammy tactics…

★ Engage with customers via social channels such Facebook and Twitter to grow a brand’s reach and credibility…

★ Optimize search networks like Google, Bing and other, so the brand can both be found and accurately represented…

★ Track and measure the key metrics that matter, so decisions can be based on data, not hunches…

★ Run split-tests that improve conversion rates and reduce acquisition costs over time…

And by the end of this course, you’ll possess all of these skills, and so much more…

Asides that, you can start an online business, whether it is affiliate marketing, ecommerce, online training and so on.


The biggest advantage of our digital marketing course is that you won’t have to do it alone! Our online practical training platform is designed to give you the personalised support you require while keeping you accountable to ensure you stay focused on learning and implementing and ultimately geared to get you results.

1-to-1 Remote Support with a Dedicated Coach

Master Program Students have the ability to book a one-on-one remote support with a dedicated coach to solve their digital marketing problems and review their digital marketing campaign and projects. You will enjoy this for an entire year…

CWA Sales Academy

Real-Time Human Support Via Live Chat

Although the training is VERY thorough and in step-by-step format, we are sure that a question or two will pop up as you implement and practice the strategy, techniques and skills learnt.

That’s why we give all Students get access real-time human support via Live Chat Mondays to Fridays 10am to 5pm and Saturdays 10am to 2pm. Outside this time you can leave a message in the Live Chat and we will reply as soon as we are online.

The only way to truly fail is to lack the right knowledge, resources and support, get stuck and give up, so we’re here to give you the right knowledge, resources and support you need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Online Live Question And Answer Class

As a professional or master program student, you will get the help you need by joining our LIVE coaching calls every week, Monday to Saturday and get your questions answered from anywhere in the world. (This is so amazing, you really want to be part of it). Each call is an opportunity to show up with your questions (Q&A; styled).

Online Live Question And Answer Class is a great opportunity to learn from from one another’s questions and see how we solve real digital marketing problems through sharing screens.

If you miss a session, not to worry, all sessions are recorded for replay purposes for master program students.

Private Coaching and Supportive Community

As a professional or master program student, you will get 24/7 exclusive access to hundreds of digital marketers from all over the world (experts, current and past students) who have done what you’re trying to do, have worked in your industry and who can pull from valuable experience.

✔ Get answers: Our expert team and past students are always on hand to answer your questions. Whatever your problem is, someone else has already dealt with it.

✔ Get your campaign/funnel critiqued: A second (third, fourth) pair of eyes can help spot problems you might have missed in your digital marketing campaign or funnel.

✔ Get motivated: Chat with members who are already achieving results – who have done what you’re trying to do, have worked in your industry and who can pull from valuable experience.

✔ Stay On Top of Changes: One of the primary challenges for Digital Marketers is that the tools and strategies are constantly changing. Keep up with the latest news, updates and changes, thanks to daily and weekly updates in the group of what is new, working and not working.

✔ Build life-long relationships: You will meet and collaborate with hundreds of other digital marketing professionals from all over the world.

Ekene Ozoilo

YES! I have decided I want to start, grow and scale a successful business and career with Digital Marketing that PAYS ME to live the life of my dreams.