The Ultimate Social Media Management Course

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This course breaks it down to simple understandable & power actionable steps, covering through effective social media management, social media content creation, social media content calendar setup, Tools to digital communication & automation (automated social media scheduling, Instagram Auditing, Graphic design, Multiple link creation strategy, Hootsuite and FB creator studio).

  1. Quizzes:
    1. True or False: Social media marketing is only useful for B2C companies, not B2B companies.
    2. Which of the following is NOT a social media platform: a) Twitter b) Email c) LinkedIn d) Instagram
    3. Which of the following is an example of a social media metric: a) Impressions b) Revenue c) Sales leads d) All of the above


    1. Develop a social media marketing strategy for a hypothetical small business that sells handmade candles. Your strategy should include goals, target audience, content ideas, and a plan for measuring success.
    2. Create a social media content calendar for a fashion retailer for one month, including captions, hashtags, and imagery for at least 2 posts per day across multiple platforms.
    3. Analyze the social media presence of a competitor in the same industry as your chosen hypothetical business. In a written report, detail what the competitor is doing well, what they could improve on, and what insights you gained for your own social media strategy.